Wednesday, August 15, 2007

OnLine Storage Links

Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive is one example of such a service. You can store up to 500 MB free and the folders you create and in which you store data are password protected with your Windows Live ID. You can also share your folders with others if you choose. File transfers are made using SSL encryption for better security. You can sign up here:

Google provides free file storage (almost 3 GB) with your Gmail account and last week they rolled out a new expanded online storage service with annual fees ranging from $20 (for 6 GB) to $500 (for 250 GB). For more information about upgrading your storage, see

Mozy has a service for $4.95/month but they also have a 2GB free plan:

Xdrive gives you 5 GB of free storage space. You need an AOL or AIM screen name/email address, but you don't have to be an AOL subscriber. You can find out more here:

And if you really have a huge amount of data to store online, MediaMax offers 25 GB free or up to 1 TB (1000 GB) for $360/year. Sign up here: