Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to turn off Backup Notifications in SBS 2008 & Windows 7

This information as well as other registry keys concerning backup & restore can be found at: Click Here


On Windows client platforms beginning with Windows 7, users are automatically prompted to configure the Windows Backup feature if they have not already done so. These notifications appear at computer startup time, beginning seven days after the operating system is installed. They also appear when the user plugs in a hard disk drive; in this case, the notifications appear immediately.

OEMs and developers of third-party backup applications can use the DisableMonitoring registry value to turn off these automatic notifications.

This value does not exist by default, so it must be created under the following registry key:


The DisableMonitoring registry value has the data type REG_DWORD and is interpreted as follows: If the value's data is set to 1 and if users have not already configured the Windows Backup feature, the automatic notifications are turned off. If an automatic notification is already present in Action Center, setting this registry value causes the notification to be removed at 10:00 the following morning.
If the value does not exist, if its data is not set, or if its data is set to zero, the automatic notifications are not turned off.