Thursday, March 05, 2009

How to make a shortcut to mute the sound

It's happened to most of us: you're playing a song or watching a video and the phone rings or someone comes into the room and starts talking to you. You need to get the volume down or off quickly, but if you don't have a multimedia keyboard with a Mute key, you have to go through several clicks to silence your computer. It's handy to have a one-click shortcut to mute the sound. Here's how to make one:
1. First download the nircmd.exe tool here:
2. Right click an empty spot on the desktop and select New Shortcut
3. Assuming you saved the file to a folder called Tools on the C: drive, type this in the "location of the item" box (substitute the correct path if you saved it in a different location): "C:\ Path \ To \ nircmd.exe" mutesysvolume 2
4. Give the shortcut a name (e.g., "Mute")
5. Right click the shortcut and select Properties
6. Here you can assign a key combination, or you can just click the icon on the desktop to quickly mute the sound