Sunday, June 28, 2009

Win 7 Pricing

Retail the Home Premium version will list for $200, Pro $300 and Ultimate $320. Of course Windows rarely sells at list price. The upgrade prices are supposed to be $120 for Home Premium, $200 for Pro and $220 for Ultimate. Redmond has cut the price of the Home Premium, expected to be its most popular retail product, 10% below what Vista Home Premium was priced when it was released.

If you are a consumer and you pre-order Win7 from for instance Amazon you can supposedly get a better deal: more than 50% off for Home or Pro but the offer will only run until July 11 in the US and Canada. A similar offer will start on July 15 in the UK, France and Germany.

But if you are an Enterprise, and you want to restock with new PCs and take advantage of Redmond's Win7 Upgrade, you might be very disappointed.

Under this program, debuting Friday June 26, anyone who buys a PC from a participating manufacturer or retailer that is fitted with a Vista OS will receive upgrades to Windows 7 at little or no cost. But here is a catch: there is a limit of 25 PCs per individual under the program. A single company counts as an individual. Here is the InfoWorld article that has the scoop:
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