Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to share a file from an OS X computer to an XP computer

If you have an OS X computer (or one of your family members does) and you want to be able to share its file with your XP system(s), here's how:

1. First, the Mac and PC must belong to the same workgroup. XP's default workgroup is named "Workgroup," and by default the Mac creates a workgroup called "Workgroup" for connecting to a Windows machine. If you've changed the workgroup name on the XP computer, you'll need to change it on the Mac, too. If that's the case, you can find out how here: Click Here
2. After making sure they belong to the same workgroup, on the Mac you need to open System Preferences from the dock or the Apple menu.
3. Click Sharing in the Internet & Network section.
4. Check the File Sharing checkbox. This will share the public folders of all user accounts. You can add folders by clicking the + button below the Shared Folders list.